Online Mixing/Mastering


Online Mastering:

Have your music mastered online at Toene & Woerter Studios. We offer musicians and producers the opportunity get a professional sound using finest analogue and digital equipment. Our mastering will ensure your mix will sound good on all playback systems and meets the standards of many digital distribution service as iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify and many more.

Your tracks will be mastered by renowned Engineers who can also give you feedback on what you can improve in your mix to make the result sound even better.

You send us a stereo file of your mix or stems of your submixes and we send you back three different version of your master.


  • Pricing:
    • We are sure you will love what you hear! That is why we offer our service for free!
    • You send us your track and within 4 days you’ll get a master that contains some minutes of your song. If you want to have the full song we will charge you 50€ per track.
  • What you get:
    • Once you paid via PayPal we will send you a Wave File in 16bit/44.1khz‘Mastered for Itunes’ File and a Mp3 file in 320kbps that is compressed using the best compression algorithm available!


Online Mixing:

  • We can also mix your project! Just send us a downloadlink and tell us a reference song. A couple of days later you will receive a Demo Mix of some minutes of your song for free!
  • If you want to have the full song we will charge you 90€ per track.


Send us a downloadlink to your files to via mail and we will start working on it as fast as possible!