Project Acoustic provides high quality acoustic design. We provide advice to architects, producers, musicians and studios on how to achieve a good acoustic environment. Our expertise ranges from small project studios and critical listening environments to public rooms like schools and restaurants. We design custom built absorbers tailored to your needs and offer special prices on the product range of Vicoustics.

Studio, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

For a professional musician, producer or mixing engineer acoustic design is one of the most important parts in creating a work environment where you can be creative and able to judge properly what you work on. A good sounding room ensures you can write, produce, practice or mix for several hours without signs of fatigue. A well treated room lets you focus on things that you wouldn’t notice if your ears had to deal with reflections, standing waves and long reverberation times.

Schools, Gyms, Restaurants, Libraries, Theatres

In public places acoustic design is often highly underrated. Acoustic Design guarantees privacy of conversation in a Restaurant or Library and good intelligibility and less noise in schools or theatres.

We design acoustic absorber and diffuser ourselves using advanced Boundary Element Method predictions. Furthermore we are official retailer for companies like Vicoustics, Kiteo, ProLed, Ekinex and can provide excellent solutions in design, lighting and sound!

Panos Kolias and René Türschmann both work as producers and mixing and mastering engineers in their own studios as well as consult major companies in the audio industry such as Apple, Disney, Sony BMG, Celemony, Universal, Warner. Furthermore they teach Filmmusic, Musicproduction and Recording at the University of Music and Theater Hamburg.